Attributes tab of the service page

In the Management Portal at Entitlement Catalog, use the Attributes tab on the service page to configure service attributes. These attributes store information that applies to this service only, like user name and computer name.

You can use these attributes in actions to:

  • Provide information. For example, if a service creates a new user account, you can use service attributes to retrieve the user details. You can then link them to the parameters in the Ivanti Automation Run Book that creates the user account.
  • Provide a value for a person attribute. For example, if the role of a person changes, you can use a service attribute to change the value of the person attribute that stores this information.
  • Personalize messages that are sent to the actor(s) involved in the delivery of a service. For example, you can use a service attribute to retrieve the first name of the actor.


Ivanti recommends NOT to use special characters in the names of attributes, as this may result in unexpected behavior during a service transaction.

Next to these configurable attributes, all services also have default attributes.

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