Configure global attributes

In the Management Portal at Data Model > Global Attributes, configure Global Attributes. Global attributes store information that you can share across services. This reduces the need for redundant attributes and allows you to manage services more efficiently, for example:


  • You can configure services that share the same credentials for third party systems. If these credentials change, you only need to update one attribute and all services that refer to it use the updated credentials.
  • You can configure services that share the same information about domains, domain controllers or servers. You only need to configure one attribute, after which you can use it in all services.

Share data across users and services

  • You can share data across users and services. For example:
    • You can make company policies available as a downloadable file. If this file needs to be updated, users only have to update one variable and all services make use of that value. This allows a specific person (or group of people) to manage files that can be downloaded (for example, HR with an I-9 form or Marketing with logos/corporate PowerPoint templates).
    • You can make Virtual Machines available to specific users, based on the values of global attributes.

Ivanti recommends NOT to use special characters in the names of attributes, as this may result in unexpected behavior during a service transaction.

Types of global attributes

The following types of global attributes are available:

An icon indicates that an attribute is filled using a data connection. The name of the data connection is listed on the Properties tab of the attribute details page.