Organizations tab of the person page

In the Management Portal at People, use the Organizations tab on the person page to classify this person in the organization.

A classification specifies the relationship of a person with the organization, and determines to which services he qualifies. People can have multiple classifications: for example, you can classify them in the department Finance AND the role Payroll Specialist.

The classifications of a person can also be determined by:

  • Synchronizing external data.
  • A Set Organizational Context action.


Item Explanation and Tips
Add organization Add organizational context items to the classifications. If people are classified in multiple organizational context items, all items apply. For example, if someone is classified in the items HR department and Managers, this person is seen as a Manager in the HR Department.
  • If you change the classifications of a person, the service qualifications may also change. This may result in automatic delivery or return.
Insert OR Create different sets of criteria. This is useful if people have multiple roles or frequently work from a different location, and certain services only apply to a specific role or location.
  • Click the arrows to change the order of items.
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