Workflow tab of the service page

In the Management Portal at Entitlement Catalog, use the Workflow tab on the service page to configure the delivery and return workflow of the service. A service is delivered or returned according to a sequence of actions, the workflow. For example, if a service is aimed at onboarding a new employee, the HR department may need to provide the user details, after which a Run Book creates a user account in Microsoft Active Directory and a mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange server. Another example: if someone at the Finance department requests access to the financial database, the request may need to be approved by the manager, new licenses may need to be ordered by the back office department, and the IT department may need to register these licenses.

Delivery workflow

The delivery workflow specifies what triggers the service delivery and the actions that are executed during the delivery.

Return workflow

Over time, the role of a person in your organization may change: people get promoted, move to a different department or leave the organization. If this happens, that person's list of qualified services changes too, and delivered services may need to be returned. A return workflow is very similar to a delivery workflow: it specifies what triggers the return of the service and the actions that are executed to return the service.

Workflow actions