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Adding Machines by IP Address to a Machine Group

Machines can be added to a machine group by entering individual IP addresses or by defining a range of IP addresses.

Adding an Individual IPv4 Address

1.Select the IP Address/Range tab.

2.Type the IP address in the Enter IP address box.

3.Click Add individual.

If you want to specifically exclude an IP address, enable the Exclude check box before you click Add individual. The IP address will be added to the machine list but will not be included in any scans. See Excluding Certain Machines for more information.

Adding a Range of IPv4 Addresses

1Select the IP Address/Range tab.

2.Type the starting and ending IP addresses in the Enter IP range boxes.

3.Click Add range.

Adding an IPv6 Address

1Select the IP Address/Range tab.

2.Type the IPv6 address in the Enter IPv6 address box.

3.Click Add individual.

Importing IP Addresses from an External Source

You can also add IP addresses by using the following buttons to import the addresses from an external source.


Import from file (individual)


Import from file (ranges)


You can import a list of individual IP addresses or a list of IP address ranges from a previously created text file. The text file can be created manually or it can be created using any network-based tool available to you. Each IP address in the text file must be separated by either a carriage return or a comma.

When defining an IP range, include a dash between the beginning and ending IP address:

Link to file (individual)


Link to file (ranges)

IP addresses can also be dynamically linked to a text file rather than imported.  Linking a file to a machine group is different than importing its contents.  Importing contents is a one-time operation after which the information from the file becomes a part of the machine group.  When you link a file to a machine group, any changes that you make to the file are automatically reflected in the next scan.  See Linking Files to Machine Groups for more information.


When IP addresses are added, the new entries are displayed within the bottom section of the machine group pane.

The recommended best practice is to always supply credentials for the machines in the machine group. See Supplying Credentials for more details.

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