Troubleshooting Agent Installation Errors

If an error occurs during an agent installation, the error messages displayed in the Operations Monitor are the best place to begin the troubleshooting process.

Failure copying files: This normally indicates a problem with the credentials being used to connect to the agent machine. The default credentials or "last used" credentials may not be the correct credentials to use for a particular machine.

Registration failure: This normally indicates that the agent cannot establish a connection with the console. There may be a firewall issue, there may be ports that are unopened, there may be a DNS issue, or the agent service may not be active on the agent machine.

Check-in failure: This normally indicates a timeout or network issue, and the agent will fail to download all necessary files.

You can also view the Security Controls Agent installation log on the agent machine. The log file is located in the C:\WINDOWS\Temp\<GUID> directory. The installation log will show any error messages that were generated during the agent installation process.