Creating a Linux Patch Deployment Configuration

A Linux patch deployment configuration defines how a patch deployment will be performed. Security Controls provides one predefined configuration named Update All. This configuration specifies that the agent will deploy all patches that were identified as missing by a patch scan. A patch group will not be used and a post-deploy reboot will not be performed.

You cannot edit the predefined configuration. If the predefined configuration is not adequate for your needs, you can create a custom configuration.

Try it yourself

  1. Click New > Linux Patch > Patch Deployment Configuration.
  2. In the Name box, type Sample Linux Deployment Config.
    Linux Patch Deployment Configuration dialog
  3. On the Options tab, enable the Post-deploy reboot when needed by the target patches check box.
    This specifies that Security Controls will review the patches being deployed and determine whether or not a reboot is required.
  4. Enable the Deploy by patch group check box and then select the Sample Linux Patch Group that you created earlier.
  5. Click Save.

Your next step

Create and install a Linux agent policy.