Install the Agent Policy

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A video tutorial is available on this topic. To access the video, click the following link:

How to Install an Agent (03:16)


For simplicity, in this example you will install the agent onto your console machine. You can, of course, install the agent on any of the machines in your organization.

  1. Go to Machine View by selecting View > Machines.
  2. Select the machine you scanned in the Patch Management section (this should be your console machine).
  3. Right-click the machine and then select Agents > Install / Reinstall with Policy and then select the agent policy you just created.
    The Operations Monitor is displayed. It shows the status of the different steps involved in the installation process. For example:
    example Operations Monitor

Your next step

You are now ready to launch the agent and give it a test drive.

Do you want more detailed information? See the Installing Agents from the Console topic in the Security Controls Help.