Installing Ivanti Security Controls

Request a Free Trial

If you are kicking the tires and want to request a free trial, you can do that here:

A welcome message will be emailed to you. This message contains a link that can be used to download your trial version. It also contains links to several resources that will help you learn about the product.

Download the Product

Use the link in the trial message to download the Security Controls executable file. If you purchased the product, it can be downloaded from the following Web page:

System Requirements

You must meet a number of requirements in order to install and use Security Controls. For complete information, see:


To install Security Controls, simply double-click the executable file and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need assistance, please refer to the Ivanti Security Controls Help available at:


In order to use the full product you must activate it. Simply select Help -> Enter/refresh license key and follow the on-screen instructions. If you purchased the product, your license key is contained in the email message sent to you by Ivanti. If you are a trial user, select Trial mode before clicking Activate online now.

Your next step

After successfully installing and activating the program, go to the Product Features Introduction topic and select a feature to review.