Many roaming users need to do various tasks that require components to be run as an administrator, for example:

  • To install printers
  • To change network and firewall settings
  • To change the time and date
  • To add and remove programs.
  • Perform Windows updates.

Use privilege management to elevate privileges for individual control panel components so that the non-administrative standard user can make the changes to perform their role.

Try it yourself

  1. In the Application Control Configuration Editor navigate to Rule Sets > Group > Everyone.
  2. Right-click and select Component.
    The Select Components dialog displays.
  3. Select Add and Remove Programs/Programs and Features and then Uninstall or Change a Program.
  4. Use the filter at the top of the Select Components dialog to filter components by operating system.

  5. Click OK and the item is added to the Components list.
  6. Save and deploy the configuration.

Test it

We can use the CCleaner app that installed in the Applications example to test this component.

  1. Open Add/Remove Programs
  2. Locate CCleaner and select Uninstall.
    The application should uninstall without needing to be an administrator.

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