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Message Style

Message Settings

Message Style

Select a graphic to add company branding to the message box.

The graphic is resized to 50px x 50px to fit the message boxes.

If you select to use a logo, it will alter the message boxes text alignment, so preview all messages before saving and adjust the box size if required.

Message Settings

Use the Executable Control or Privilege Management Message Settings to define how message boxes are displayed to users and to specify the content of messages displayed when users attempt to launch applications in violation of a defined configuration.

All of the messages that are available to customize are in the Message drop down list. Select the message and then define the following:

Caption - The text to display at the top of the message. For example, you can change the default caption, so that the user is not aware that Application Control has intervened.

Banner - Enter the text to display in a colored banner. The banner will appear in one of the following colors:

Red - blocked or privileges restricted message

Blue - information message

Yellow - warning message

If no text is specified then no banner will display in the message box.

Body - Enter the text to display in the body of the message.

Width - Specify the width, in pixels, of the message box.

Height - Specify the height, in pixels, of the message box.

Select Preview to see how the message will appear to users. You can drag the box to the alter the size, the width and height values will be updated to reflect the new size when you close the preview.

To return to the default message settings select Restore Defaults.