Welcome to Ivanti Security Controls

Welcome to Ivanti Security Controls, a unified IT management platform used for managing and protecting Windows-based machines, VMware ESXi Hypervisors, and Oracle, Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS Linux machines. Security Controls provides you with one centralized and common interface that you can use to perform the following IT management functions.

You can also interact with Security Controls using a PowerShell Command-Line API or a REST API. For more information, see Overview of the PowerShell Command-Line API and Overview of REST API.

Security Controls' industry-leading patch management function provides the ability to scan all Windows-based machines, VMware ESXi hypervisors, and Oracle, RHEL and CentOS Linux-based machines in your network and assess the current patch status of those machines.


Application Control is only available on Windows-based machines. In addition, if you use a license key to activate Security Controls, a separate add-on license key is required in order to activate the Application Control feature.

The Application Control function includes:

  • Executable Control
  • Privilege Management
  • Browser Control


Asset Inventory is only available on Windows-based machines.

The asset inventory function enables you to track your software and hardware assets.


Power Management is only available on Windows-based machines when performed from the console.

The power management function enables you to control the power state of the machines in your organization.


ITScripts is only available on Windows-based machines.

The ITScripts function enables you to execute PowerShell scripts against the machines and machine groups you have already defined in Security Controls.