Overview of the PowerShell Command-Line API

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Overview Information

The API feature is meant for advanced users who have a working knowledge of PowerShell and who want to perform tasks beyond those available through the Security Controls user interface. The feature exposes the Security Controls API stack, enabling you to execute API-level calls from the command-line or from a PowerShell console. You can use the API feature to:

  • Interact with different systems in your environment.
  • You are now able to integrate your patching and power state processes with items such as vulnerability scanners, password management tools, SQL Server clusters and orchestrators such as Chef or Puppet.

  • Script a sequence of complex events that contain dependencies.
  • Using PowerShell, you can script out interesting and complicated workflows. You can include checks within the script to make sure that everything goes according to plan. For example, you might patch one machine in a cluster and make sure that everything goes according to plan before proceeding with the other machines in the cluster.

    You might also script out actions such as suspending nodes, starting and stopping services at certain points, restarting machines in a specific order, etc.

  • Perform bulk operations or process list inputs from other systems.
  • For example, you might dynamically perform a scan operation by targeting systems listed in a file.

  • Programmatically stage patch deployments or initiate patch downloads.

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