How Do I . . .?: Use The Asset Inventory Feature

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Overview Information

The asset inventory feature enables you to track your software, hardware, and virtual assets. You can perform scans to detect and categorize the software and hardware contained on your physical and online virtual machines. You can also scan for the properties of your online and offline virtual machines.

To use the asset inventory feature you do the following:

  1. Determine if you want to use the default asset scan template or a custom asset scan template.
    See Creating a New Asset Scan Template for information on creating your own unique asset scan templates.
  2. Initiate an asset scan of the desired machines.
    Asset scans can be initiated from the Agentless Operation page, from a machine group, from a favorite, or from Machine View. See How to Perform Asset Scans for details.
  3. View the asset scan results.
    Asset scan results are available within Machine View.