Activating Security Controls

Until you activate Security Controls, you are very limited in the actions you are allowed to perform. There are three activation methods:

  • License Key Activation Method This is the primary activation method. It should be used:
    • If you are a new customer and you have an internet connection from the console
    • If you need to refresh your license following an upgrade
    • If you do not have an internet connection from the console
  • Credentials Activation Method This is a legacy activation method that will be phased out over time. If you are an existing customer and you are using this method, you may continue to do so until instructed by your sales representative.
  • Trial Activation Method This is the activation method that should be used if you are using the program on a trial basis. It enables you to test all the capabilities of Security Controls, but only for 60 days. You are also limited to 50 license seats. When the trial license expires, the program will stop refreshing its data files and many of the program features will no longer be available.

Tracking Your License

You can easily find out information about your license by selecting Help > About Security Controls. For more information see How Licenses are Tracked.