Search Configurations

Configurations can grow quite large as rule collections and sets are added. To help navigate to a required area of the configuration you can carry out a text search to locate where in the configuration the item is configured.

How to Search a Configuration

Let's take widget.exe as an example. You have configured rules for widget.exe but can’t remember in which rule collection or rule set.

  1. In the Configuration Editor select Search Configuration.
    The Search dialog displays.
  2. In the Search field enter the text you want to search for, for example Enter widget, click Search.
  3. All Rule Collections and Rule Sets in the configuration are searched for the text widget and all instances display in the results list.
  4. Click on any of the results listed to open to that location in the configuration.

You can work in the Configuration Editor with the Search dialog open. If you want to retain the search results but want to temporarily remove the dialog from view select Close, to re-display select Search Configuration.

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