API Options

If you are executing REST API commands from a remote machine, you must properly prepare your environment. You must enable remote system calls using the WinRM service and you must provide a secure connection by importing the issuing certificate to the remote machine.

The API tab provides access to a PowerShell script that will automatically export the ST Issuing certificate from the Trusted Root Authority store on the console machine to the current user's Trusted Root Authority certificate store on the remote machine. If there are multiple users on a machine, the script must be run by each user who will execute REST API commands.



Save script to file

To copy the custom script to a file, click this button. The file will be saved as a .ps1 file. You can then move the file to the remote machine and run it from within a Windows PowerShell ISE console.

Copy script to clipboard

To copy the custom script to the clipboard on the console machine, click this button. You might choose this option if you want to email the script to one or more users.

For more information on configuring and using the REST API, see the Security Controls REST API help system.