About the Agent Client Program

The agent client is a multi-function program that safeguards an end-user's computer. It will track the status of the machine and perform actions that are configured by the program administrator. It can:

  • Perform scans to detect all missing patches and product levels
  • Deploy any missing patches and product levels in order to close security holes in your software
  • Perform scans to detect and categorize the software and hardware assets contained on your machine

As the program administrator, you configure which of these actions the agent program should perform. They will occur automatically, requiring no intervention or assistance.

Accessing the Agent Client Program

You or your end users can access the Security Controls Agent two ways:

  • By selecting Start > Ivanti Security Controls Agent > Ivanti Security Controls Agent on the target machine.
  • By double-clicking the following executable file:
  • C:\Program Files\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect Agent\STUILauncher.exe

How to Navigate the Agent Client Program

Navigating the program is easy. You begin on the home page, which is your starting point for all actions. The home page contains a number of different tiles. You can click any of the tiles to view the associated data and perform related tasks.

A limited version of the agent client program is displayed if you happen to launch the program while it is undergoing a software update. If this occurs, simply wait a minute or two and then relaunch the program.