Best Practices When Using Multiple Administrators


  • You should upgrade your hardware platform by increasing the number of processors and the amount of installed memory on the console machine. This will increase performance in those instances when two or more administrators are logged on at the same time and performing tasks.
    • Minimum suggested hardware requirements for two administrators: 2 processor cores and 4 GB RAM
    • For each additional administrator, add 1 processor core and 1 GB RAM
    • For a high performance system, use 16 processor cores and 32 GB RAM
  • When two administrators log on to the same console they must use different accounts. The same account can be used only when logging on to different consoles.
  • If you edit a group that is typically used by another administrator you should notify that person about the change.
  • Each administrator should create their own credentials and assign them to machines.
  • Each administrator should define default credentials that are the same as their logon credentials. This will eliminate problems that may occur if the administrator forgets to assign machine credentials.