Configuring the Central Console in a Disconnected Configuration

I. (Optional) Configure the Data Rollup Service

While this is optional, the recommendation is to use the data rollup feature so that you can track what is happening on each of your remote consoles from one central site.

  1. Select Tools > Options > Data Rollup.
  2. Enable the Accept and import results from a rollup sender check box.

II. Set Up a Distribution Server

You must set up a distribution server that the remote consoles can access. The central console will download required files to the distribution server and the remote consoles will download these same files from the distribution server.

See Configuring Distribution Servers for detailed information on configuring a distribution server.

III. Update the Distribution Server with the Latest Files

You must first download the latest engine components, data definition files and patches from the Web to the central console's patch download directory.

  1. Download the patches that have been approved by your organization.
    See Downloading Patches for detailed information on downloading patches.
  2. Download the latest engines and data files by selecting Help > Refresh Files.

Copy the engines, data files and patches from the central console to the distribution server by synchronizing the central console with the distribution server. For information on this, see Synchronizing Servers.

You can also configure Security Controls to automatically download the latest engines and data files and synchronize all your distribution servers. See Synchronizing Servers for details.