Creating and Editing a Linux Patch Group

Security Controls provides the ability to use a patch group to scan for (content-based only) or deploy a particular set of updates. There are multiple ways to create or edit Linux patch groups for both contentless patching and content-based patching:

Tips for Using the Search Tool

You can easily search for patches contained in a Linux patch group. To initiate a search you type the text you want to find and then press Enter. Only those patches matching the search criteria are displayed; all other patches are hidden.

  • The Search tool works only on the information currently visible in the grid. You can right-click on the column headers to add or remove columns to be searched.
  • If a filter is applied, only patches matching both the search criteria and the filter criteria are displayed.
  • All partial matches are displayed.
  • The search is not case sensitive.
  • The use of wildcards is not allowed.
  • To clear the search criteria, click the icon located on the right side of the search box.