Creating a Custom Bulletin

A security bulletin provides a summary describing why a custom product or patch is being created. Many times a bulletin will describe a particular software vulnerability that is being addressed by a patch. You must apply a new custom patch to a bulletin, so if you are not tying a patch to an existing bulletin then you must create a new bulletin.

  1. To create a custom bulletin, within Custom Patch File Editor select Insert > Add Bulletin or click the Add Bulletin toolbar icon ( ).
    The new custom bulletin is selected and the bulletin characteristics are displayed in the right pane.
  2. Use the options in the right-hand pane to define the new bulletin.
  3. Field


    Bulletin Name

    Type a unique name for the bulletin. The name cannot match a bulletin name already defined to the program.

    Bulletin Title

    Type a short description of the bulletin.

    Bulletin Summary

    Type a detailed summary that describes the purpose of the bulletin and any related patches and products.

  4. When complete, save and then validate the XML file (see Saving and Validating Your Changes).