Creating a Custom Patch

The Custom Patch File Editor is not used to create the actual patch file. The patch itself is provided by a vendor (e.g. Microsoft) or is created by your organization. When you create a custom patch within the Custom Patch File Editor you are simply defining how to detect if the patch is missing from target machines and how to deploy the patch.

  1. To create a custom patch, within Custom Patch File Editor select Insert > Add Patch or click the Add Patch toolbar icon ( ).
    The new custom patch is selected and the patch characteristics are displayed in the right pane.
  2. Use the options in the right-hand pane to create the new patch.
    Two major tabs are used in the right-hand pane. For detailed information about the options on these two tabs please refer to the following topics:

IMPORTANT! You should avoid creating a custom patch that requires user interaction. This is because this is no guarantee how the patch installation process will react if there is no response to a user prompt. The most likely scenario is that it will wait a number of hours before eventually timing out. Use command line switches if necessary.