Deployment Template: General Tab



Hours until post deployment

emails are sent

Enables you to specify how long to wait for patches to be successfully deployed before sending any automatic email messages. This field forces the email messages to be sent even if the console cannot determine that all the machine deployments completed because Deployment Tracker is not enabled or because a network connection is lost.

Deployment Actions

There are a number of options that can be selected to take place before, during and after patch deployment.


You can choose to shut down the SQL Server and the IIS Server. These services will be automatically shut down when an SQL or IIS patch (respectively) is applied to a remote machine regardless of this setting. Use this setting to shut down these services when installing OS or similar hotfixes, particularly if you are planning to reboot the machine after installation.


During the deployment, you can elect not to send Deployment Tracker status messages from the machines being patched. For example, clearing the Send Tracker status check box makes sense if the machines will not be attached to the network when the patch installation takes place.


After the deployment is complete, you can choose to automatically clean-up patches. This will remove the temporary patch files that were copied during the current deployment process. It will also remove deployment files that are older than 180 days.


Remote Dialog

The Remote Dialog functions are not supported by Security Controls Agent.

Show dialog on remote machine during execution: If this check box is enabled, then if a user is logged on at the target machine at the scheduled deployment time, a dialog box will be displayed to the user when the deployment begins.

Title: Type the text you want to appear in the dialog box title.

Caption: Type the text you want to appear in the dialog box caption.