Determining How Many Distribution Servers to Use

Do You Need a Distribution Server?

To determine if you should use one or more distribution servers with Security Controls, apply the following formula:

  • If # of machines * 10Kb > available bandwidth, then you need at least one distribution server.


Assume available bandwidth = 500 Kb:

  • 100 machines: 100 machines * 10Kb = 1000Kb > 500Kb (need distribution server)
  • 20 machines: 20 machines * 10Kb = 200Kb < 500Kb (do not need distribution server)

If You Need Distribution Servers, How Many?

If (using the formula above) you determine you need one or more distribution servers, you still need to determine exactly how many distribution servers are needed. Determining the number of distribution servers that are needed is very simple. The general rule is:

  • Use one distribution server for every 2500 machines

For example, if you have 7500 machines you should plan on using three distribution servers.