Importing User Scripts

Tip: Don't forget to configure the console for use with ITScripts. For information, see ITScripts Options.

Once you’ve created a script with the required metadata and digital signature, you can import it into Security Controls.

  1. Select Manage > ITScripts.
    The Manage IT Scripts dialog will appear.
  2. Click Import scripts.
  3. Navigate to the signed script file and click Open.
    The script will be imported into Security Controls.
  4. Select the script in the list and click Approve.

This script will now appear along with the approved Ivanti-provided scripts throughout the application.

A console must trust the authority that issued the certificate in order to import or execute the script on that console. If you import user scripts on one console, they will appear on other consoles that are using the same database. However, if the other consoles don’t trust the signer, they will not be able to execute the scripts.