InstallState View

The Reporting2.InstallState view defines installation states.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
Id int   The install state id.
Value nvarchar(100)   The string value of the Id
Description nvarchar(256) X Provides a simple description of the value.


You can run the following query to verify the contents of the Reporting.InstallState view.




FROM [SecurityControls].[Reporting2].[InstallState]


ID Value Description
-1 Not Recorded A service pack level detection error has occurred or the product level is an unsupported version.
0 Warning Indicates a problem with the patch and rarely, if ever, occurs. This value can, however, occur in old patch data.
1 Note A note exists for this patch. Please reference the QNumber on vendor web sites for more information.
2 Informational No patches were detected for this product. Either all patches were applied or no patches exist.
3 Installed A patch is installed.
4 Missing Patch A missing patch was detected.
5 Missing Product Level A missing product level was detected.