Machine View

The Reporting2.Machine view displays currently known information about a machine that has been assessed.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
Id int   The unique identifier.
DnsName nvarchar(255) X The DNS name of this machine.
Domain nvarchar(255) X The domain name of this machine.
Language int X The language used on this machine.
Name nvarchar(255) X The netbios name of this machine.
OperatingSystemFamilyId int   The ID of the operating system family. See [Reporting2].[OperatingSystemFamily].
ArchitectureId int   The ID of the architecture. See [Reporting2].[Architecture].
Distribution nvarchar(100) X The distribution.
LinuxPlatformId int X The Linux platform ID. See [Reporting2].[Product].
ProductId int X The product id. See [Reporting2].[Product].
LastKnownIP nvarchar(45) X The IP address of this machine. This will be displayed in IPV4 or IPV6 format.
LastPatchAssessedOn datetime X The time this machine was last assessed upon. (This is the date the machine was scanned, not the date of the patch scan scheduled).
LastAssessedMachineStateId int X The id of the last assessed machine state. See [Reporting2].[AssessedMachineState].
LastPatchMachineGroupName Nvarchar(255) X The name of the machine group where this machine was defined.
AssignedGroup nvarchar(255)   The name of the group the machine is assigned to within Machine View and Scan View.
VirtualInventoryPath nvarchar(260) X The virtual inventory path.
VirtualServerName nvarchar(256) X The virtual server name.