Monitoring Agent Actions

You cannot use the console to watch the actual scans, patch deployments, etc. as they are performed by agents on each target machine. For that you must use the Windows agent client program. You can, however, view the most recent results of agent scans and deployments using Machine View. The results are reported to the console and displayed on the appropriate tabs in the middle pane. The top pane can be used to determine which machines have successfully installed Security Controls Agent; it does this by displaying Active in the Agent State column. The top pane of Machine View will also display the Assigned Agent Policy, the Reported Agent Policy, the Last Agent Check-In, and the time of the last scans. See Determining Which Machines Have Agents for more information.

When agents check in with the console they will be listed in the machine group from which they were last scanned from the console. See Machine Group Information is Dynamic for more information.

If you wish to produce one or more reports that show the agent activity that has been reported to the console you can do so using the Report Gallery (Windows agents only).