PatchDeployment View

The Reporting2.PatchDeployment view displays Windows patch deployment information.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
DeployId int   Identifies the deployment associated with this patch.
DetectedPatchStateId int   The detected patch state id. See {Reporting2].[DetectedPatchState].
DeployScheduledOn datetime X The date the patch was scheduled for deployment (local time).
DeployStartedOn datetime X

The date the patch installation started (GMT).

DeployEndOn datetime X The date the patch installation ended (GMT).
DeployStateId int   The deployment status Id. See [Reporting2].[DeployState].
ResultCode int X

The result code from a patch deployment. Common result codes are:

  • 0: Installed, no reboot required
  • 3010: Installed, reboot required

Other error codes are patch specific.


You can run the following query to display DisplayStateID values and descriptions.




FROM [SecurityControls].[Reporting2].[DeployState]