PatchScan view

The Reporting2.PatchScan view displays assessment information.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
Id int   The unique identifier.
ConsoleName nvarchar(100)   The console name where this patch was performed.
DefinitionDate datetime X The assessment data definition.
DefinitionVersion nvarchar(23) X The assessment data definition version.
EndedOn datetime   The date the assessment ended.
IsScanComlete int  

Determines if the scan is complete.

  • Value = 0 indicates the scan is not complete
  • Value = 1 indicates the scan is complete
Name nvarchar(255) X The scan name.
StartedOn datetime X The date the scan started.
ScanTemplateName nvarchar(255) X The scan template name.
User nvarchar(256) X The name of the user that performed the scan.
SourceTypeId Tinyint   The source type ID. See [Reporting].[SourceType].
ScanTypeId Tinyint   The scan type ID.