RDP Requirements

Before attempting a Remote Desktop connection, please confirm that you meet the following requirements.

The Security Controls console must have network access to the target machine.

The RDP port specified by Security Controls must be the same as the RDP port specified by the target machine.

If the target machine is not using the default RDP port (3389), use the Machine Properties dialog to match the port value specified on the target machine.

The target machine must be powered on; it cannot be in sleep or hibernation mode.

You must have access to a user account on the target machine.

The target machine must be configured to allow Remote Desktop Connection.

a) On the target machine, right-click the Computer icon and choose Properties.

b) Select the more secure connection option when possible.

You must have permission to connect to the target machine.

For permission to connect, you must be on the list of users. On the System Properties dialog (shown above), click Select Users and add the name of the user.