ScanType View

The Reporting2.ScanType view defines source types.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
Id smallint   The scan type id.
Value nvarchar(100)   The string value of the id.
Description nvarchar(256) X Provides a simple description of the value.


You can run the following query to verify the contents of the Reporting.ScanType view.




FROM [SecurityControls].[Reporting2].[ScanType]

ID Value Description
0 Unknown Invalid or Unknown type.
1 Patch The scan was a Windows patch scan.
2 Deprecated Deprecated value.
3 Asset The scan was an asset scan.
4 PowerStatus The scan was a power status scan.
5 Deprecated Deprecated value.
6 WakeOnLan Not a scan; reserved value.
7 PowerOptions Power State Template or ad hoc power action.
8 PowerShell The scan was a PowerShell scan.
9 Nix The scan was a Linux scan.
10 ACEvent Application Control events.