Searching for Script Results

You can easily search for specific results contained in the Script Results View. All searches are performed using the Search tool.

To initiate a search you type the item you want to find and then press Enter. Only those scripts matching the search criteria are displayed; all other scripts are hidden.

Tips for Using the Search Tool

  • The Search tool works only on the information currently visible in the pane. The Results since option can be used to adjust the amount of information displayed within the pane.
  • If a Smart Filter is applied, only script results matching BOTH the search criteria and the smart filter criteria are displayed.
  • All partial matches are displayed. For example, if you search for scripts named Get, any result with "get" in its name will be considered a match (e.g. GetServicesAsCSV, GadgetScript, etc.).
  • The use of wildcards in the Search tool is not allowed.