Searching for Hypervisors While Viewing a vCenter Server

You can easily search for hypervisors contained in the top pane. All searches are performed using the Search tool.

To initiate a search you simply type the search criteria in the Search box. Only those hypervisors that match the search criteria are displayed; all other hypervisors are hidden.

Tips for Using the Search Tool

  • The Search tool works only on the information currently visible in the top pane.
  • The search will be performed on all information in the pane, not just the ESXi Hypervisor Name column.
  • All partial matches are displayed. For example, if you search for hypervisors named Test, any hypervisor with "test" in its name will be considered a match (e.g. TestHypervisor1, Contest, etc.).
  • The use of wildcards in the Search tool is not allowed.