VendorSeverity View

The Reporting2.VendorSeverity view defines vendor severity states.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
Id int   The vendor severity id.
Value nvarchar(100)   The value of the vendor severity.
Description nvarchar(256)   The vendor severity description.


You can run the following query to verify the contents of the Reporting.VendorSeverity view.




FROM [SecurityControls].[Reporting2].[VendorSeverity]

ID Value Description
0 None None
1 Critical A vulnerability whose exploitation could allow the propagation of an Internet worm without user action.
2 Important A vulnerability whose exploitation could result in compromise of the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of users'' data, or of the integrity or availability of processing resources.
3 Moderate Exploitability is mitigated to a significant degree by factors such as default configuration, auditing, or difficulty of exploitation.
4 Low A vulnerability whose exploitation is extremely difficult, or whose impact is minimal.