Version and License Information

Selecting Help > About Security Controls will provide a variety of information about Security Controls.

Application and Version Information

The center portion of the Help > About dialog is used to view both application and version information.

  • Application tab: Displays application information for Security Controls and information about the database being used by the program, including:
    • Program Version: Displays both the version and the edition of the program being used.
    • Administration Role: If role-based administration is enabled, displays the current role assignment.
    • License Key and Licensed Capabilities: Displays license key information and identifies which features are enabled.
    • Configured Database: Displays the current database being used.
  • File versions tab: Displays version information about each of the program components being used by the program. This can be helpful if you ever need to perform any troubleshooting of the program as you can quickly determine if you are using the most current data.

Export Information

To save the version information to a Notepad file, click Export file versions.

Open Source License

To view license information for the open source packages distributed with Security Controls, click Open Source license.

Technical Support

To learn about technical support options, click Tech support.

Data Versions and Product End of Life Notification

The Data versions area on the right shows the current versions of the definition files being used by the program.

In addition, if the version of Security Controls that you are using is nearing its end of life (EOL) date, the EOL date will be displayed. No new updates to the data files will be provided after the EOL date, rendering the program ineffective. You should upgrade to the latest version of the program well in advance of the EOL date. As an aid, if an EOL date has been announced for your version of the program, a notification will be displayed when you start Security Controls. The notification will indicate when the version will expire and it will provide a link to get the latest version.