Installing the Console from a Command Line

This topic explains how to install the Ivanti Security Controls console from a command line, which can then be used to automate the installation.

The name of the installer executable includes the version number of the release. On this page, the version number is represented by version. Remember to replace this with the version you are using.

Silent installation command


IvantiSecurityControls_version.exe /quiet /wi:"parameters"

where parameters are described below.

Available parameters


Allowed values



#0, #1

#0 does not create the desktop shortcut

#1 creates a shortcut

Default: #0



Command timeout in minutes.

Default: 30


RequireEncryptionAndValidateCertificate, RequireEncryptionButSkipCertificateValidation, UseServerSideSettings

Enables you to set the encryption you want to use between the console and SQL Server. For more information, see Set Advanced options - database connection encryption.


  • if the database is local: for new databases or if the database is explicitly specified, RequireEncryptionButSkipCertificateValidation
  • if the database is remote: for new databases or if the database is explicitly specified, RequireEncryptionAndValidateCertificate
  • if the database is NOT explicitly specified and you are upgrading: uses whatever value is in the existing connection properties


upgrade, createNew

Either upgrades an existing database, or creates a new one.

Default: upgrade



Your database name.

Default: SecurityControls


true, false

Specifies whether or not to overwrite the database.

Default: false



Your SQL Server instance.

Default: (local)\SQLEXPRESS



Your alternate download path.

Default: %ProgramData%\Ivanti\Security Controls\Console\Patches


To silently execute a fresh installation using the default local SQL server instance:

IvantiSecurityControls_version.exe /quiet /wi:"CREATEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=#1"

To upgrade an existing database:

IvantiSecurityControls_version.exe /quiet /wi:"DBSQLSERVER=(local)\SQLEXPRESS CREATEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=#1 DBCREATENEWORUPGRADE=upgrade"

To install-over and overwrite an existing database:

IvantiSecurityControls_version.exe /quiet /wi:"DBSQLSERVER=(local)\SQLEXPRESS CREATEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=#1 DBOVERWRITE=true"