Discovery Services

Discovery Services is a Data Analytics tool for Ivanti® Management Suite that helps you gather data about SNMP-enabled devices for which Management Suite has no agent, such as printers, switches, routers, and so on. You can also use Discovery Services to gather inventory data from WMI-enabled devices that you've chosen not to deploy the Ivanti agent to.

Discovery Services uses a scan configuration to connect to these devices, then gathers and stores the available inventory data in either the Asset Control database (for SNMP-enabled devices) or the inventory database (for WMI-enabled devices).

Once the scan configuration has run, you can view and query the resulting inventory data in either database, and use the licensed-software rules in Data Translation Services to convert the data into more meaningful information.

Discovery Services is also useful for gathering additional data that's not attainable with a normal network scan. For example, you can use a scan configuration, along with a Data Translation Services rule, to determine edition type and version for certain software products. For more information, see Product edition and version discovery.

About the Discovery Services view

When you open Discovery Services, a pane appears across the bottom of the Management Suite console. This pane consists of a tree structure that lists various folders.

Getting started

To use Discovery Services, you need to complete the following tasks. In the final task, you'll create a scan configuration that uses the information set up in the other tasks to pull data from UDD devices or other devices.