Using a VPP Account

Apple allows users to purchase multiple licenses and distribute them across iOS and macOS devices through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP). From the Modern Device Management console, you can view your available and used VPP licenses and revoke licenses you own from devices. This functionality may also be used for free apps.

IMPORTANT: Users still retain the ability to purchase apps on their iOS and macOS devices through their individual Apple ID accounts.

You cannot purchase Apple VPP licenses through Modern Device Management. Licenses must be purchased from iTunes using an Apple ID enrolled in VPP, then you can distribute them through Modern Device Management using a Software Distribution Package.

To manage software licenses with Apple VPP:

1.Enroll in Apple's Volume Purchasing Program. You must have a corporate Apple ID enrolled in VPP to use this functionality. Once you're enrolled, use the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager site to purchase bulk software licenses.

2.Configure VPP in Modern Device Management. Add the VPP token created by Apple's Deployment Program to Modern Device Management.

3.Deploy licenses to enrolled devices. Use a software package to deploy apps managed with Apple VPP. For more information, see Distributing content to MDM managed devices.

4.Revoke licenses as needed. You can reclaim licenses from devices at will from the console. Even if a device is unenrolled, you must perform a manual reclamation of the license to reassign it.

ClosedConfiguring Apple VPP in Modern Device Management

In Modern Device Management, activate Apple VPP integration to view and manage how all of your purchased licenses are distributed. Modern Device Management allows you to identify the total number of licenses currently in use, what devices or users possess licenses, and the number of remaining available licenses.

When a license is deployed to a user's device through a software package and associated with the device's Apple ID account, it appears on the user's Purchased Apps list. They can then download and install the app on all other iOS devices associated with their Apple ID, even if the device isn't managed by Modern Device Management.

To manage application licenses from Modern Device Management

1.From the Console, click Tools > Distribution > Distribution packages.

2.Click the Enterprise applications button in the tool bar.

3.Click Add VPP Entry.

4.Provide a token alias and then browse for the token file you downloaded from Apple's website.

5.Click Add.

All application license purchases associated with your Apple ID display in the Associated applications pane.

NOTE: Multiple tokens may be added. However, tokens should not be shared between multiple cores.

In the Console, double-clicking on an application name will display a dialog listing all licenses currently in use. Each license identifies the device it is assigned to by either device name for group enrollment or user account for LDAP.

To install VPP apps on an iOS or macOS device

After deploying the VPP settings from the Console, all affected devices may receive a prompt to install the deployed apps. Users must accept this prompt and sign in with the device's Apple ID to receive VPP licenses on the device. This will not charge the device's Apple ID account.

Each time a licensed app is deployed, users are prompted from the device to sign in with their Apple ID. Signing in is required to identify all corporate-owned licenses installed on the device and add them to their Purchased Apps list. This does not give Modern Device Management access to the Apple ID account associated with the iOS device, so users can use their personal account if needed.

ClosedReclaiming Licenses from a Device

Each app license distributed via VPP can only be given to one user. When a license is assigned, it is unavailable for reassignment until you reclaim it from the device. Users can still purchase their own license and download the app.

Unenrolling a device or performing a factory reset at the device level will not reclaim a license automatically. You must manually reclaim licenses. However, if an administrator removes the device from the inventory or performs a device wipe through the Console, the software license is made available for reassignment.

To reclaim application licenses

1.From the Console, click Tools > Modern Device Management > Enterprise applications.

2.Double click on the application you wish to reclaim a license for. A list of users with licenses displays.

3.Select the user you wish to reclaim a license from, and then click Reclaim selected.

The license is reclaimed and now displays under the column of available licenses.

If a license is revoked from a device

Revoking a software license from a device causes one of the following actions at the device level:

On iOS devices, the application is removed from the device the next time the agent syncs.

On macOS devices, you can continue using the software as part of a 30-day grace period, after which the app will no longer launch. This grace period does not prevent administrators from immediately reassigning a revoked license to another device. Revoked licenses are immediately available for use.