Mobile enrollment groups

During enrollment, the macOS enrollment app includes an optional group field. The core server matches the case-sensitive text in this field with Network View public groups and then user groups. If there's a match, after enrollment completes the device will be a member of that group. If there's no match, no error appears but the device won't be a member of a specific group.

This feature allows you to automatically group devices. You can then target those groups for application distributions, agent behaviors, and other tasks. You can use this to automate device configuration during or after enrollment. Devices enrolling through DEP or Windows agentless enrollment don't support this feature, because they don't use the Ivanti enrollment app.

By default, the core server does group resolution every hour, so a newly-enrolled device may not appear in a group right away. Also by default, devices check in to the core once a day, so it may take another day before policies and distributions targeting the group are installed or applied. These time limits can be changed via advanced MDM settings (check in) or by changing a KeyValue value in the database (group resolution). For information about configuring device check in settings, see Sync settings (MDM).