Enrolling Mac devices

Full macOS device management requires both the Ivanti Agent and enrollment with Ivanti Enterprise Mobility Management. MacOS devices are considered integrated devices and can receive both mobile and desktop policies and applications.

Enrolling a macOS device with Modern Device Management allows you to manage settings and apps on the device similarly to an iOS device. You can also sync the device from the console. Once a user enrolls their macOS device, that device appears in the Network View and you can view the device's inventory information. You can enroll multiple users on a Mac device; however, the device itself is enrolled only once. This way, you can differentiate packages on a per-user or device basis.

Before enrolling devices, ensure that you have added an APNS certificate to the core in Tools > Modern Device Management > MDM configurations. For more information, see Apple notification services. Ensure that you have configured iOS Profile Signing. For more information, see Apple profile signing certificates.

Enrolling a Mac device that doesn't have the Ivanti Agent

For information about automatically installing the Ivanti Agent when a device enrolls with MDM, see Installing the agent for hybrid management.

Enrolling a Mac device that has the Ivanti Agent