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Installing the Agent during enrollment

Configure the Agent to automatically install when a new Windows 10 or macOS device enrolls with MDM, enabling integrated management.

To automatically install the agent on a Windows device

Create an MSI package of the Agent configuration and distribute it to Windows 10 devices during enrollment. For more information about MSI packages, see Using MSI distribution packages.

1.Navigate to Configuration > Agent Configuration > Public configurations and click Rebuild all in the tool bar.

2.Right click the Default Windows Configuration and select Advance Agent.

3.If you select Peer download, make sure that the advance agent .msi file and the full agent configuration .exe package are in the software distribution cache of a device in the broadcast domain. Otherwise, the deployment will fail because no cache or peer in the broadcast domain has the necessary files.

4.If you will be relocating the associated agent configuration package (the .exe file), change the path for the agent configuration package to match the new location.

5.Click OK. The agent configuration package will be created in the background.

6.Navigate to Distribution > Distribution packages.

7.Click New and select Windows > MSI.

8.Enter a name for the agent configuration package.

9.Select the agent configuration .exe file. The default location is http://[core address]/ldlogon/AdvanceAgent.

10.Click Save.

11.Navigate to Configuration > Agent Configuration and click the MDM enrollment agent packages button in the tool bar.

12.Enable Install windows advanced agent during enrollment.

13.Select the agent configuration MSI package from the drop-down menu.

14.Click Save.

To automatically install the agent on a Mac device

Create an MDM agent manifest package and distribute it to macOS devices during enrollment.

1.In the File Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldmain\Install\mac.

2.Copy the file.

3.Paste the zip file in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldlogon or another web accessible location.

4.Extract the zip files.

5.Open the manifest.plist with a text editor.

6.Replace "insert the pkg file url here (must be https with a valid trusted cert)" with the URL location of the ivagent-complete.pkg file.

7.In the Mobility Manager console, navigate to Distribution Packages > Public packages > New > Macintosh MDM.

8.Enter the name for the package.

9.Select the Manifest URL radio button.

10.Enter the URL for the manifest.plist.

11.Click Save.

12.Navigate to Agent Configuration and click the MDM enrollment agent packages button in the tool bar.

13.Enable Install mac agent during enrollment.

14.Use the arrows to select a Mac agent configuration and any Mac device profiles to be installed during enrollment. For more information about Mac configuration profiles, see MDM agent settings

IMPORTANT: You must pick a single Mac agent configuration. If no Mac agent configuration is selected or if multiple are selected, the installation will fail. You can, however, select multiple Mac device profiles.

15.Select the MDM agent manifest package you created from the drop-down list.

16.Click Save.

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