MDM agent settings

Tools > Configuration > Agent settings

Agent settings for mobile devices allow you to configure device settings from the Mobility Manager console. For more information about agent settings, see Agent Settings overview.

ClosedTo distribute agent settings

1.Configure and save a custom agent settings policy.

2.In the Agent Settings panel, right-click the policy.

3.Click Create Scheduled Task.

4.Select any policies you would like to distribute.

5.Click Save.

6.Drag the devices you want to receive the policy from the Network View to the scheduled task.

7.Right-click the scheduled task and click Start now > All.

Available agent settings

See the following pages for agent settings that can be configured for MDM managed devices:

Mac Profiles

Agent settings: MacOS Configuration

Agent settings: MacOS Device Configuration


Agent settings: Mobile Android Configuration

Agent settings: Mobile iOS Configuration

Mobility Legacy

Agent settings: Mobile Connectivity

Agent settings: Exchange/Office 365

Agent settings: Mobile Security


Agent settings: tvOS Configuration


Agent settings: Windows MDM Configuration