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Agent settings: Windows MDM configuration

Ivanti Windows MDM configuration features are accessed from the Agent settings tool window (Tools > Configuration > Agent settings). In the Agent settings window, right-click Windows MDM configuration, and then click New....

Use this page to configure Microsoft configuration service profiles (CSPs). CSPs allow you to change a device's Windows configuration settings.

The Windows MDM Configuration profile editor can configure the following CSP settings:


  • Connectivity and Cellular


  • Custom Settings


  • Device Passwords
  • General Restrictions
  • Lock screen experience
  • Remote Procedure Call


  • Personalization
  • Power & Sleep
  • Printers
  • Windows Update

Administrators can access this editor only if the Modify Mobile Device Configuration Profiles option has been activated for their account.

Using Custom Settings

You can add custom CSPs for items that aren't directly available in the Windows MDM Configuration agent settings. There are hundreds of available CSPs. Microsoft's CSP documentation is here:

Each custom CSP requires the following information:

  • Operation: Either Add, Replace, or Delete.
  • OMA URI: Open Mobile Alliance Uniform Resource Identifier. Use the Microsoft Configuration Service Provider reference to identify the syntax for the CSP you're creating.
  • Data type: Match this with the data type that your OMA URI requires.
  • Data: The CSP value. This must match your selected data type.

For example, here's a CSP that disables a device's camera:

  • Operation: Add
  • OMA URI: ../Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Camera/AllowCamera
  • Data type: Integer
  • Data: 0

You can add multiple custom settings by using the + and - buttons. Plus adds a new setting and Minus deletes the current setting. When you have more than one custom setting configured, use the scroll bar to view them.


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