View device properties

In the console's Network View, you can quickly view information about a device by right-clicking the device in the device list and selecting Properties.

The Device properties dialog

Use this dialog to view useful information about the selected device. The dialog includes three tabs: Inventory, Device, and Agents. Click each one to view related information.

About the Inventory tab

The Inventory tab contains a summary of the device's inventory data. For more details, see Viewing a summary inventory.

Device tab

The Device tab contains basic information about a device, including its location and identity on the network. This tab also appears when you manually insert a device (from the All devices group's shortcut menu, click Insert new computer).

  • Device:
    • Name: The name that appears in the core database and network view for the device.

      If you are manually inserting a device, you can make this a user-friendly name. If you enter nothing here, the default device name will be the Windows computer name.
    • Type: The type of device, such as Windows Server 2012.
  • Network:
    • IP Name: The Windows computer name for the device.
    • IP address: The IP address assigned to the device.
    • Physical address: The physical address of the device.

About the Agents tab

The Agents tab contains information about the current status of agents and remote control settings for the device.

  • Common Base Agent status: Indicates whether the standard Ivanti agent (Common Base Agent) is loaded on the device.
  • Real-time inventory and monitoring status: Indicates whether the real-time inventory and monitoring agent is loaded on the device.
  • Remote control agent status: Indicates whether the remote control agent is loaded on the device. If this agent is not loaded on the device, remote control operations (such as file transfer and chat) are not available.
  • Security type: Indicates the remote control security model used for the device. Options include: Local template, Windows NT security/local template, and Certificate-based/local template.
  • Allow: Shows the remote control operations that are allowed on the device. These operations were enabled by the device agent configuration.
  • Settings: Indicates how remote control operates when you attempt to interact with the device.

Inventory data

More detailed information about the device is available in its inventory data. You can view extensive inventory information by double-clicking the device name in the results panel of the Network View.