About the Column Configuration dialog

This dialog contains the following options:

  • Name: Identifies the column configuration.
  • Inventory attributes: Lists each of the inventory objects and attributes scanned into the core database. Expand or collapse objects by clicking the box to the left of the object.
  • Add to columns: Moves the selected inventory attribute into the columns list. If you select an entire inventory component, all of the inventory attributes contained in that component are added to the columns list.
  • Columns: Lists the inventory attributes in the order they will appear, from left to right, in the Network View.
  • Qualify: Lets you specify a precise data qualifier for the selected software component. For more information, see Specify the qualify option with software components.
  • Remove: Removes the selected attribute from the list.
  • Move up: Moves the selected attribute up one position.
  • Move down: Moves the selected attribute down one position.
  • OK: Saves the current column configuration and closes the dialog.
  • Cancel: Closes the dialog without saving any of your changes.