Move and resize tool windows

The console lets you open as many tools as you want and move them in and out of the main console window.

NOTE: You can save console layouts you've designed and prefer for certain management tasks, and restore a saved layout whenever you need it. For more information, see Save console layouts.

When you open multiple tool windows, they're tabbed in a single window. The active tool window displays on top, with a tab for each open tool running along the side or bottom. Click a tab to display that tool window.

Dock tool windows

You can "dock" a tool window, by attaching it to one of the edges of the console. The window is said to be in a docked state if it is currently attached to an edge of the console. You can dock windows horizontally or vertically in the console.

To dock a tool window
  1. Click the window's title bar and drag the window to an edge of the console
  2. When the docking rectangle (dim outline of the window) appears indicating that the window will be docked, release the mouse button. The window attaches to that edge of the console.

Float tool windows

You can also undock the tools window and drag it (using its title bar) so it can "float" to another location inside or outside of the console. Floating tools can be dragged or resized to move them temporarily out of the way to give you more room to work on other tasks. When you drag the tools window, the tabs for any other currently-opened tools also float with it. To return the tool to its docked or default location, simply double-click it. Or you can drag it back to its position and release it when you see the gray docking rectangle in the correct location.

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Note that only tool windows (those windows accessible from the Tools menu or Toolbox) can exist as docked windows, floating windows, or tabbed windows. The Network View window can be resized but can't be tabbed with other windows, floated outside the console, or closed.

If you minimize and then restore the main console window, then all docked and floating windows, including tabbed windows, are also minimized and restored with it.

Auto hide tool windows

The tool windows also support the auto hide feature. Auto hide is a push pin button in the upper right-hand corner of a window that lets you hold a window in place or hide it.

When the push pin is in (i.e., the pin points down), the window is pinned in place and auto hide is temporarily disabled. When the push pin is out (i.e., the pin points to the left) the window goes into auto hide mode when the cursor moves off of the window. Auto hide minimizes and docks the window along one of the edges of the console and displays a tab in its place.

The Toolbox panel also supports the auto hide feature.