Changing Mac scanned file extensions and searched folders

The Mac inventory scanner defaults to scanning files with .dmg and .pkg extensions, and multimedia files with the following extensions: .aac, .aiff, .gif, .m4p, .mov and .mp3. You can change these items and specify other folders to search in the Manage software list.

To edit the Manage software list
  1. Click Tools > Reporting / Monitoring > Manage software list.
  2. In the Inventory tree, click Settings and double-click MacMultimediaExtensions, MacScanExtensions, or MacSearchFolders in the settings list.
  3. Click New and type the filename or (or folder name for MacSearchFolders) you want. Press the Enter key when you're done.
  4. Click the Make Available to Clients toolbar button to make the most recent changes available to devices the next time they run an inventory scan.

NOTE: The /Library or /System directories are not scanned in a MacScanExtensions scan by default. This reduces the size of the scan file. The directories can be placed in the Mac folder include section. 

For information on scanning for custom data, see Scanning for custom data on Macintosh devices.