Getting started with Patch and Compliance

The list below outlines the main tasks involved in configuring, implementing, and using Patch and Compliance.

1.Configure the Ivanti agent with patch settings. For information on agent settings for patch and compliance, see Configure devices for security scanning and remediation.

2.Download vulnerability definitions from a Ivanti security content server (updated from industry and vendor data sources). For information about downloading definitions, see Download security content.

3.Create a scan task and scan your devices. For information about scanning devices, see Scanning devices for vulnerabilities.

4.Use the scan results to decide what and how you are going to patch. Organize the security content accordingly. For more information, see Managing security content. For instructions on viewing the vulnerabilities that have been detected in your environment, see View detected vulnerabilities.

5.Download patches (used to remediate detected vulnerabilities). For information about downloading patches, see Download security content.

6.Repair detected vulnerabilities by deploying and installing patches to affected devices. For information about patching, see Patching devices with vulnerabilities.

7.View reports that provide patch status and repair history information. For information about patch reporting, see Generate Patch and Compliance reports.

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